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Spinal Stenosis

A condition of the spine, often brought on by wear and tear that happens during the aging process, spinal stenosis can be problematic. Known also as stenosis of the spine, spinal stenosis results from the open spaces in the spine narrowing, which puts pressure on the spinal cord. Spine stenosis symptoms may include weakness and numbness in the back, neck and shoulders, and problems with bladder and bowel function.

Sometimes, doctors resort to surgery to correct spinal stenosis, but it can be ineffective, which leads to failed back surgery syndrome. Physical medicine practices often have a better result, with techniques like spinal stenosis exercise, physical therapy, massage therapy, and spinal decompression offering relief without medication or surgery. These practices can also bring relief from conditions like disc herniation, disc stenosis, and degenerative discs. At American Physical Medicine, the medical team uses these physical medicine practices to bring relief from spinal stenosis and other conditions, in order to improve patients’ quality of life by helping them achieve optimum wellness.

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